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September 24, 2013 Butte, Montana

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RTU or PLC: Which is Right for You?

Though programmable logic controllers (PLCs) have become dominant across industry, there are still many applications using remote terminal units (RTUs). Deciding which is right for your use is a discussion that still continues.

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[ETEBA winter 2012 newsletter] MSE's drilling crew minimizes radiological exposure at Hanford site

MSE drilling crew was part of the 324 B-Cell Soil Sampling team that was nominated for an ALARA. Building 324 is the most complex and hazardous research facility being demolished along Hanford's river corridor. In 2009, contaminated grout was removed from the B-Cell sump and trench during preparations for demolition. A visible breach was identiied in the stainless steel liner of the sump in the lowest point of the hot cell loor. The line was located over 12' below grade and more than 40' in from the edge of the building. To gain access to the area, the maintenance shop base pad on the north end of the building had to be removed and an access pit was excavated at the site of the shop. In 2009 through 2011, working with a GeoprobeÒ, the MSE Team helped obtain soil samples in the diicult areas. "The team allowed for the smooth evolution of the physical soil samples needed from under the B-Cell. Thanks to excellent teamwork, effective radiological planning, the entire evolution was conducted with no spread of contamination and all radiation exposures were less than planned. Their teamwork allowed workers' exposure to remain As Low As Reasonably Achievable!"