Transportation Access

The site is located near the intersection of I-15 and I-90, in close proximity to the municipal airport and a major railroad intersection connecting north-south Union Pacific and east-west Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation rail lines. MSE offers a secure site that is available to the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The site has its own railroad spur that allows large-scale equipment and supplies to be delivered or built and transferred to our customers' sites.

Analytical Laboratory

Commercial analytical laboratory equipped to perform inorganic analyses, bacterial analyses, and physical testing parameters on sample types including water, wastewater, soils, coal, tailings, ores, hazardous wastes, and airborne pollutants. All analyses follow stringent internal and external quality control measures. The laboratory is regularly audited by the State of Montana, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Office of Research and Development, and private customers.

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Field Test Areas

Open space at the facility allows for varied outdoor field demonstrations. An intermediate-scale Test Cell can test a wide range of biogeochemical treatments at a scale that mimics actual field conditions. An underground verification test cell is available to test and evaluate new techniques and equipment. Settling and evaporation ponds, plumbed with a system of drains, pipelines, and ponds, allow us to treat wastewater effluent (containing suspended solids) via settling only.

Building 50

Special Purpose Industrial Building 50 has a Special Purpose Industrial Factory Group F-1 moderate hazard structure occupancy classification per the International Building Code (IBC). This allows us to use it for assembling, disassembling, fabricating, finishing, manufacturing, packaging, repair, or processing operations not classified as a Group H hazardous occupancy. The ground floor is 152 ft long by 100 ft wide by 21 ft high and houses another treatability laboratory space. We conduct pilot- to intermediate-scale projects in this area. The building contains compressed air; plant water; a heating, ventilating, air-conditioning; small deionized water system; refrigerators, a drying oven, a fiberglass flow tank for flux measurements, and a band saw used to cut grout samples when necessary. Any equipment in the RRF can support projects in this building. Recent tests included two-dimensional foam box and ZVI column study to support Hanford soil and groundwater projects.

UL Listed Panel Shop

The ground floor of Building 50 also contains an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed Panel Shop where we manufacture custom control panels used in a variety of applications. MSE is certified with UL508A in the United States and Canadian Underwriters Laboratory (CUL) for industrial control panels. Panel applications include SCADA, pump/motor/process control, and security/remote monitoring. Our staff is UL trained and are Instrument Society of America certified technicians and engineers.

Building 60

Building 60 has a High-Hazard Group H-1 structure occupancy classification per the IBC. This allows us to store and use materials that could pose a detonation hazard such as explosives, oxidizers, and reactive materials. The insulated steel building ground floor is 90 feet long by 100 feet wide by 30 feet truss height, has a reinforced concrete floor, overhead lighting, and heating and ventilation systems. It includes a 25-ft-long by 90-ft-wide by 25-ft-depth pit area with ground level and intermediate depth level grating, a wet pipe fire suppression system, walls with integral blowout panels, four axial fan power roof ventilators for exhaust ventilation, and an overhead crane with trolley and hoist rated for maximum load of 10 tons.

Control Room

The upper floor of Building 60 contains a 960-ft2 Control Room for remote monitoring and control of the projects conducted on the ground floor of the building. The control room uses fiber-optic switches to communicate with facility and test equipment. Multiple human-machine interface (HMI) stations are available for both control and monitoring of projects throughout the test areas along with a large video wall display. Camera and microphones are placed throughout to display images and record events. We also conduct training sessions in the control room.